Last Sunday evening, we sat down over Farmhouse beers with Farmhouse Fest Organizers Matt Kump, Jonny Evans, and Dave Shea to chat all things Farmhouse Fest. The Wet Hop: Can you all tell us a bit about yourselves? Matt: I’m Matt. None of us are in the beer industry, so that’s interesting. I’m a beer […]

Before I begin this post, I need to say yes, we all have our preferred beer styles. We all get a little bit excited when we see a favourite style of ours listed on the menu as an offering, or as a new arrival at a liquor store. However, contrary to what some people might […]

Back in December, we featured the first post in our Straight to the Source series, a series devoted to highlighting tasting rooms and other hot-spots that feature delicious craft beer. The plan was to try to continue this series at least semi-monthly. Then, life and school got in the way. We are happy to say […]

On April 22nd, the Tri-Cities Cask Festival Association helped create a space for women of the craft brewing industry, to celebrate themselves and each other: Siris Cask Festival. When TCCF Director of Communications, Tim Vandergrift, reached out to me several months ago to tell me that this festival was in the works, I couldn’t contain […]

Is it any surprise to see this beer here? Superflux (and formerly, Machine) has been batting 1000 when it comes to making incredible IPAs in BC, and Rainbow Machine is no exception. Perhaps it’s because the Brewmaster goes out of his way to make sure he has the absolute best ingredients for his beers, even […]

It’s strange, but when I think about my own experiences with doppelgängers, who I most resemble, I am inundated with various fictional female characters: Tina Belcher, Velma Dinkley, Enid Coleslaw. Basically, anyone with cropped hair, minimal to no makeup, big dark glasses, and isn’t afraid to pair casual tops with skirts. On the note of […]


I really like bottle shares. In fact, it’s my preferred atmosphere for drinking with friends. Pubs and taprooms can be noisy and breweries are often busy and sometimes lack the ability for intimate conversation. With bottle shares, everyone can bring something they feel excited about, everyone gets to eat food, share beer, and talk about […]