Flagship Friday: Brouwerij Verhaeghe Duchesse De Bourgogne

Lately, we’ve been incredibly spoiled with the variety of fresh local beers. In fact, I’ve been purchasing local so much that I often forget that we have access to many delicious and reasonably priced imports. A few posts back, I talked about the first sour beer I ever had, and years later, it still remains in the top tier of delectable tart brews. For Flagship Friday, I’m paying homage to Duchesse de Bourgogne by the historic Brouwerij Verhaeghe.

2017-06-02 11.19.26

Duchesse de Bourgogne is a Flanders Red Ale that is a very rich ruby red colour. It’s aroma is loaded with fruit as well as wine, and some malty sweet notes. The smell distinctly reminds me of my Nonno’s cellar—the place where he made, and stored, red wine, red wine vinegar, and hung dozens of cured salami. Perhaps that fond memory is one of the many reasons why I appreciate this beer so much. Duchesse’s flavour is comprised of figs, raisins, stone fruit, and a hint of tannic red wine which is a result of the beer being aged in oak. The sweetness is balanced by funk and tartness, which sneaks up on you at the finish. It comes in at 6.2% and is incredibly easy to drink.

For food pairing, we recommend trying it with dark chocolate, baked brie, or grilled tenderloin. I would also recommend enjoying this with a hearty charcuterie plate lined with cured meats and funky cheeses.

The best part is, if going to Belgium isn’t in your immediate plans or budget, you can find Duchesse de Bourgogne all over the Lower Mainland, at select private liquor stores.


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  1. I made a mean cream based morell mushroom steak sauce with this beautiful Beer. Probably one of my favourite things I have made. So good.

    The beer is wonderful on its own also.


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