Beer of the Week: Steel & Oak Smoked Hefeweizen

It’s June first! It’s officially summer! Ok, ok. I know that technically the season doesn’t start for another 19 days, but the changing of the calendar over from May to June has always symbolically meant that summer is here, to me. The temperature is finally agreeable, school has been over for university students for awhile and is in its final stages for younger folk, and barbeques are heating up all over the city (if they haven’t already). Whether it’s with charcoal or propane, fine cuts of meat and delicious veggies are being enjoyed with a slightly smokier tinge than they have been in previous months. Of course, with increased BBQing, that can only mean one thing: BBQ Beer Pairings! This is where one more symbolic marker for the beginning of summer comes in: June means that there is plenty of Steel & Oak’s Smoked Hefeweizen to be enjoyed with my summer feasting.

This brew is not your Oma’s hefeweizen, though it may seem that way at first glance. High in carbonation and low in IBUs, Smoked Hefe is rich with the classic flavours of banana and clove. Pouring pale gold with a rich, feathery white head, it has the appearance of exactly what you would expect from the classic German style. That is, until you plant your nose in the glass and experience the lovely aroma. Drawing inspiration from Bamberg’s affinity for smoked beers. the addition of Beechwood smoked malts, gives Smoked Hefe a campfire twist that follows the beer straight through to the taste. Mingling beautifully with the banana and cloves, Smoked Hefe also has a mild astringency that screams: “SUMMER IS HERE!”

2017-06-01 11.00.35

Available in 650 ml bomber bottles at the tasting room and in private liquor stores across BC, Smoked Hefeweizen is also available for growler fills at Steel & Oak. So stock up because this beer, much like summer, won’t feel like it’s around long enough! While you’re at it, buy yourself a meat injector so that you can make a Smoked Hefe injected rotisserie chicken! Or use some to add a little kick to your pork tenderloin. For our non-meat eating readers out there, how about marinating your favourite mushroom with a splash of the beer, grilling them on your Q with some poblano peppers, and serving up some hongos con poblano tacos? Of course, again like summer, there is no wrong way to enjoy Smoked Hefeweizen, so you do you.


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