Beer of the Week: Bellwoods Jelly King

A couple of weeks ago Vancouver lovingly welcomed award winning Bellwoods Brewery into our liquor stores (thanks Untapped Imports!) Bellwoods is a five year old brewery based in downtown Toronto. Following high demand and outgrowing their brewing capacity, they opened up a second location last year. Bellwoods tackles a spectrum of styles: wild ales, hoppy masterpieces, and imperial stouts, all of which have been outstanding.  

Jelly King was the first to arrive in the city and this beer is exactly what we’re loving this week. It’s a mixed fermentation sour ale, dry-hopped with a heaping amount of Citra. This lends the beer tons of fruit flavour, yet does not lend the type of bitterness one would expect from such a generous helping of hops. It has a distinctive tropical nose of guava and passion fruit, as well as peach and nectarine. The aroma carries right through to its flavour profile. Jelly King tastes just like a nectarine; more specifically, it reminds me of sucking on a nectarine stone, to extract all of it’s flavour because it’s just that good. Similar to a nectarine, it’s sweet with tart notes, especially at the finish, and packs plenty of juiciness.

2017-05-24 11.44.32

Although Vancouver only received the regular variant of Jelly King, it is also available in plum and apricot. Spoiler alert: they’re all damn tasty. You can purchase Jelly King at select private liquor stores in the Lower Mainland. Alternatively, you can also buy a Farmhouse Fest ticket and enjoy a variety of Bellwoods beers at UBC Farm.  I can’t wait to see what Bellwoods beer we get next.


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