Flagship Friday: Sea Cider Wild English

The people at the weather station are promising really warm weather in Vancouver’s future, like mid-20s warm! That means I will be craving something cool, dry, and refreshing to quench my thirst as the mercury rises. While beer is the old reliable choice, I’ll probably be reaching for a cider this upcoming week. As much as I love beer, I have an equally soft spot for cider and for this week’s Flagship Friday I’ll be looking at one of my all-time favourites: Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse’s Wild English.

Since opening in 2007, Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse has been producing some of the most consistent and revered ciders in BC. Located just a stone’s throw from Victoria, Sea Cider is home to an organic farm and orchard, which contributes the produce for their traditionally fermented, artisanal cider. It is also home to a wonderful tasting room, that allows you to relax, enjoy their cider, and bask in the breathtaking view.

Sea Cider has a strong lineup of flagship ciders, as well as delicious seasonals, and at the top of that list (for me, anyway) is their Wild English. This is the type of cider you imagine when you think of traditional, dry, English ciders. Sparkling and effervescent, Wild English is made using a wild fermentation process and is certified organic by PACS 16-259. Bone dry, Wild English is complex, as it features prominent tannins, that mingle perfectly with the bubbly character of the cider. Robust and earthy, this is exactly what I have in mind to cool me off on the hottest summer days.

Wild English
is the ideal porch sipper, as it goes perfectly with charcuterie; can hold up to sharp, pungent cheeses; and plays nicely with salty snacks of all kinds.

Wild English is available in select private liquor stores throughout BC, in 750ml champagne style bottle, with flip-tops for re-closure. As it is part of their Heirloom Series, it is available year round. Snag yourself a bottle, cut yourself a generous piece of Stilton, and sit on the porch while you remark to Eunice that the lindens are coming in quite nicely this year.


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