Flagship Friday: Four Winds Nectarous

At the Canadian Brewing Awards last year, a local seasonal favourite was deservingly awarded Beer of the Year. Shortly following that achievement, and due to high demand, it became available year round. This beer has truly set the bar high for BC sours. If you haven’t guessed our pick for Flagship Friday yet, it’s Four WindsNectarous.

Despite having ample fruit aroma and flavour, this beer gets its tropical notes from a ton of Galaxy hops. While it’s extremely crushable for a sour, it has layers of complexity: passionfruit, mango, citrus, nectarine, funk, floral, and plenty of pucker. With only 6 IBUS it finishes clean with almost no bitterness, though there is a slight tannic-like quality, that recalls the last few bites of a stonefruit—you know, like when you’re right down to the pit. It’s hazy orange in colour with cloudy white head. It clocks in at 5.5% ABV. If you were to bottle what summer it would look an awful lot like Nectarous.


Nectarous is part of the Zephyrus series, a selection of unique ales showcasing different hops. As such, it was originally brewed in very limited quantities and only available in 750mL cork and cage bottles. Now, you can find it often on tap at various establishments as well as in 650mL bottles. I recently enjoyed it at Bandidas with a baked wolf and goat burrito.

I recommend grabbing a bottle for the next sunny day before heading to the beach for a picnic, with Nectarous.


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