Flagship Friday: Steel & Oak Red Pilsner

Happy Friday, everyone! I typically work nights on Friday, and by the time my shift is over, if we don’t have anything new for me to try on tap, I stick with one of my favourite Steel & Oak beers: Red Pilsner.

Red Pilsner is quite the beer. Jamie (a friend and coworker) has even converted her boyfriend from commercial beer over to Red Pilsner; he now has a kegerator at home with it on tap, always. When my family has parties, I often pick up a keg of Red Pilsner because it’s a crowd pleaser, to casually drink or do keg stands.


I often get customers asking me “what’s your favourite beer?” I always answer by saying “it honestly depends on my mood/the weather/what’s currently on tap, but my favourite flagship is Red Pilsner!”

If it isn’t clear by now, Red Pilsner is my go to, I don’t know what to drink drink that consistently tastes good. It’s a copper red with a cloudy white head. It’s a fuller-bodied pilsner with tons of complexity: burnt caramel, toffee, hints of floral and spice. It drinks smooth with a bite of bitterness at the finish. It’s 5% and 35 IBU, which is where the bit of bite comes in at the end.

Similar to the Royal City Ale (which may one day get it’s own feature), the Red Pilsner is a good introduction into craft beer for any commercial beer drinkers. It’s approachable, crushable, and doesn’t have any intimidating flavour notes.


Red Pilsner is available at most liquor stores in 650mL bombers, as well as on tap around the BC and Alberta. You can also get your growler filled at the tasting room, or you know, invest in a kegerator and make it a staple.


Thanks to Agata for snapping these pics for me!

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