Flagship Friday: GIGANTIC IPA

If there’s one thing you can rely upon the West Coast beer scene for, it’s the near unilateral love for IPAs. I’m not talking little sissy IPAs. Here on the Left Coast, people like their IPAs to be big. They want enormous hop profiles. They want a gargantuan shovelful of the good stuff in their beer. Their brews need to be large. To satisfy a hophead, the hoppiness of the beer has to be, well…gigantic.  So it’s no shocker that this week’s choice for Flagship Friday, Gigantic Brewing’s Gigantic IPA, is more than up to the task.

Located in Portland Oregon, Gigantic Brewing Company does only two things (and does them exceptionally well, I might add): “make the best damn IPA in Portland, Oregon and produce seasonal, exciting, flavorful beers, most of which will be brewed only once.” At Gigantic, the modus operandi is to keep things simple, while also pushing the envelope when it comes to classic styles of beer. Oh, and of course, ensure that the good people of the Pacific Northwest (and abroad!) have ample amounts of that aforementioned IPA.


Cascade. Centennial. Crystal. Simcoe. We weren’t joking around when we said enormous hop profiles. Locked within its golden amber confines resides refreshingly, bright citrus notes that slowly develop into bold, hoppy, pithiness. This blends nicely with the beer’s pronounced malt backbone, which imparts a palate cleansing sweetness to this IPA, allowing the flavours to stay fresh and prevent palate fatigue. Clean and bright, Gigantic IPA is a versatile drink choice that would pair nicely with a variety of foods, though our choice right now would be a tasty lemon tart—à la mode, of course. Or, since the weather is finally starting to turn for the better, in Vancouver, grab a bottle, walk it into a shady place, and have yourself a ball.

Big big love,

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