Beer of the Week: Strange Fellows Strange Resemblance

It’s strange, but when I think about my own experiences with doppelgängers, who I most resemble, I am inundated with various fictional female characters: Tina Belcher, Velma Dinkley, Enid Coleslaw. Basically, anyone with cropped hair, minimal to no makeup, big dark glasses, and isn’t afraid to pair casual tops with skirts.

On the note of strange resemblances, it’s quite the coincidence that our Beer of the Week pick is from the same brewery as our last Flagship Friday post.

This week we’re thoroughly enjoying Strange Resemblance, which is a wild saison by Strange Fellows. The aroma of Strange Resemblance is ripe, juicy, tropical fruit—pineapple and lychee— which is reminiscent of Strange Times for Modern Fellows, hmm. It’s quite dry, which allows all of the fruity characteristics to shine through. The fruity aroma carries right through to the taste: funky with tons of bright lemon flavour. It finishes with a bit of spicy pepper which accompanies the subtle brininess (gose level of salt, but noticeable enough).


Strange Resemblance is available in 750mL bottles at Strange Fellows as well as select private liquor stores. It comes in at 6.2% and is dangerously drinkable.

I’m trying to think of a nicer way of saying you’d be an idiot to not buy this beer, but I think that sums up my feelings pretty accurately. Now, stop reading this post, go to Strange Fellows, order a glass of Strange Resemblance, enjoy it, maybe order another one, buy several bottles, enjoy it again and again. You’re welcome.


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