Flagship Friday: Strange Fellows Nocturnum

Welcome back to Flagship Friday! Sorry we missed you last week—while searching for the next beer to feature, we took a wrong turn in some deep dark woods and got lost. Luckily, we’re back now, with a lovely friend to boot: Strange Fellows’ Nocturnum Dark IPA!

By now, we’ve featured Strange Fellows enough that you should have a pretty good grasp of what they do, so I’m going to dive right into the beer. This was the very first beer I ever enjoyed, at Strange Fellows, when the brewery opened and I have been hooked ever since. Dark, chocolate brown with ample, root beer-esque head, it’s been a firm staple of my drinking routine for just over 2 years now. As I have mentioned before, IPAs are not usually my go to, but Nocturnum is different. Perhaps that’s obvious, considering it is a dark IPA, but this beer still has an assertive hop profile that will leave even some of the most discerning hop heads satisfied. Where it all comes together for me though, is the maltiness this beer exhibits. Bready on the nose and on the palate, there is also a significant burst of chocolate that helps lend a robust characteristic to the body.



Available in four packs, it’s the ideal beer to share with your pals, as you enjoy your first BBQ cookout of the year. I’m thinking some nice, sticky, maple bourbon ribs, or Cola Pulled Pork sandwiches. For the vegetarians out there, substitute jackfruit for the pork and you’ll be equally satisfied! Just make sure you head indoors before the sun fully sets; just in case some hungry wolves get the idea to join your festivities. . .

À Votre Santé!


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