Beer of the Week: Burdock Ero

Hey folks, it’s me, Heather. It’s been awhile since I’ve written a Beer of the Week post, actually, it’s been far too long since I’ve completed any real substantial writing for The Wet Hop to be honest. I want to publicly apologize for my absence and also cheers DF for holding down TWH fort while I was bombarded with school and while Matt was travelling/comprising information for future posts; thank you!

This week our BOTW is brought to you by the brewery Burdock. Burdock is a Toronto based brewery that is just shy of two years old. Burdock is made up of a restaurant, brewery, bottle shop, and also a venue for live music (why can’t more places like this exist in Vancouver?)

This was my first time enjoying anything by Burdock, and before I even opened up the beer, I fell in love with their design. Their eye catching labels are crafted by artist Adrian Forrow. Forrow has created simplistic yet enjoyable designs that allows the beer name to shine individually as well as collectively with the artwork. I’d love for Burdock to sell their labels as posters, like what Bellwoods does.


2017 is an exciting year for Burdock because their initial barrel program is beginning to yield delicious offerings. Ero is the second beer to be released from the program and is comprised of a blend of Brett Farmhouse Saisons that sat in white wine barrels. Ero has wild huckleberries and cherries that give it it’s pale pink hue and tart fruit notes. It has a fruity nose with lots of berry, lemon, and a subtle funk. It’s quite dry with sneaky peppery notes and oak barrel flavour. Ero is a complex beer bursting with wine characteristics and pleasant tannins. Ero comes in at 7.8% ABV and is available in 375mL bottles.

Burdock arrived in BC in very limited quantities, so if you see Ero, or any of their other beers, grab them; you won’t be disappointed.



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