Beer of the Week: Luppolo Agreste

With less than 24 hours left to enter our Farmhouse Fest contest, what better style to feature, for Beer of the Week, than a farmhouse ale? With no shortage of options to choose from, we’ve decided to look at a beer that has the distinction of being the first brew bottled by its brewery. This week, we feature Luppolo Brewing Company’s Agreste, wild farmhouse ale.

Luppolo is one of Vancouver’s newest breweries, having nestled itself into a lovely space in East Vancouver. With family, community, great food and equally wonderful beer at their heart, Luppolo Brewing Company is quickly becoming a stand-out place to grab a pint and mounds of delicious Italian deli meat. A few months ago, Heather wrote a feature on the tasting room; if you’re keen to know why we think Luppolo is so great, go check it out!

L to R: a very grainy DF, Heather, and Matt

Last night, the whole Wet Hop crew trekked down to Luppolo to try their new beer, Agreste, which means “something good from the countryside,” in Italian. Fresh stone fruit on the nose, progresses into pear and light citrus with your first significant mouthful. Agreste is a rather light beer for its style, as the Brett-like funk is quite subtle at this point. This is not a negative, however, as this beer’s refreshing characteristics make it an ideal match for almost any of your favourite foods. Sipping on this made me regret not asking about whether or not they still had food available, as it would have paired nicely with a nice heaping helping of prosciutto. For our meat-free friends, Agreste would make a lovely accompaniment to your favourite spin on pasta primavera. Conversely, you can grab an extra bottle and let the second one age for a few months, allowing its funky character to develop further. You can’t really go wrong, either way!





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