Flagship Friday: Brassneck Passive Aggressive

Well, it’s finally Friday and you know what that means: it’s Flagship Friday! Wait, what? You thought I was going to say “the weekend?” Hmm. I GUESS that’s a valid answer. I mean, sure, you probably already have your beer picks for the weekend figured out already—what do you need this article for? Awesome. Well, have fun with yourself.

Ah geez, that was a little inappropriate, wasn’t it? I’m sorry. I guess I got a little too wrapped up in the namesake of this week’s flagship: Brassneck’s Passive Aggressive Dry-Hopped Pale Ale.

I’m honestly surprised that it’s taken us so long to feature a Brassneck beer. In their fourth year of producing delicious suds, in the heart of Mount Pleasant, Brassneck embodies the very spirit of what makes craft beer so special. Part and parcel with this is their tasting room—the epicentre of the Brassneck experience. As a brewery that focuses on perfecting small batches of delicious brews, they limit their production to a few, limited kegs around town. Otherwise, you have to visit their wonderful, wooden tasting room to enjoy a pint, or fill a growler. Here, you will be welcomed with a warm “Hello!” by a staff of beer-nuts, who really know their stuff and are ready to “talk shop” and take you through the daily offerings. One of those offerings is likely to be the very first beer that Brassneck brewed, Passive Aggressive.

Passive Aggressive is one of only two beers that are (almost) always on tap at Brassneck (the other being Brassneck Ale). As mentioned, it was the very first beer that was brewed and from that point onwards, it has been firmly established as Brassneck’s most well-known beer. Clear and golden, with a slight white head and significant lacing, Passive Aggressive is a Pacific Northwest spin on the pale ale; halfway between a pale and an IPA. Significant pine floods the nose, followed by fruit esters which lend brightness. This follows through to the taste, as you are greeted with the aforementioned pine and complimentary notes of citrus zest and pith. Light malt sweetness, coupled with pronounced bitterness, finishes this extremely easy-drinking beer. Despite being more hop-forward than the average pale ale, the light, effervescent body makes Passive Aggressive an extremely crushable beverage. Just ask my best friend Casey: when he visited from the Prairies, he had next to no experience with craft beer. One trip to Brassneck later, he was hogging an entire growler of it to himself.

Next time you’re looking for a little fuel for the weekend, pick yourself up a fill. Then load up NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, order your favourite pizza, and get your Boomshakalaka” on, until you can see the bottom of your growler. Or don’t. . .whatever. What do I know?

À Votre Santé!

  [Feature Image Credit: Maggie Boyd, courtesy of Brassneck]

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