Flagship Friday: The Crisp Sixpoint

With the strange weather we’ve been having, I’ve been dreaming a lot about summer: BBQs, sundresses, being outside, easy drinking beers, no snow…

One of my favourite things about summer is enjoying a footlong hotdog smothered in mustard and sauerkraut, while at a Vancouver Canadians game. Thinking about hot dogs (yes, I think about hot dogs) got me reflecting on mine and Matt’s trip to Austin, Texas a few years back. On our first day there we went to a sausage restaurant called Frank. They offer a smorgasbord of hotdog varieties –antelope and rabbit (known as the jackalope), venison, pork, alligator– as well as sides such as frito pie, mac and cheese, and queso fries. When it comes to hotdogs, I like classic pork and don’t stray far from mustard, onions and kraut. Nearly two years later, I still remember how perfect the hotdog and beer pairing was, so I’d like to pay tribute to that beer that I enjoyed with our first Texas meal.

The Crisp by Sixpoint is an easy drinking pilsner. It has both slight herbal and floral aroma, which carries right through to its flavour. Biscuit malt notes shine through, with ample floral flavour and hints of citrus and grass. Despite the hoppiness of this beer (44 IBU) it has a clean, crisp finish. The floral notes paired so nicely with sauerkraut and spicy dijon. This pilsner cut the fattiness of the hotdog nicely and still allowed the meat’s flavour to shine. I distinctly remember the snap of the hotdog and how well The Crisp cleansed my palate.

Although this is one of my favourite pilsners, it is not as easily accessible as I would like. If you happen to see this beer, try it. Seriously. Make sure you go out of your way to drink it while eating a hotdog, preferably while it’s sunny. You won’t be disappointed.

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