Flagship Friday: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Believe it or not, trying to pick a Flagship beer for Flagship Fridays is difficult. We created this feature because like many of you, we all often select new offerings rather than ones that are tried and true.

Last Saturday, DF and I were at Caffe Barney prior to a concert. We were brainstorming possible Flagship beers and I was having a difficult time trying to decide on which one to feature. When we arrived at the Fox Cabaret for the Rural Alberta Advantage show, that conversation continued. After finding somewhere to sit, we glanced at the bar menu. We were both surprised that the venue actually had a few craft selections. I noticed that they had Sierra Nevada’s pale ale as one of their offerings, and as it had been ages since either of us had enjoyed it, we both got a bottle. After a few sips, DF suggested that this should be this week’s featured flagship.

Whenever I have a pale ale, an IPA, or anything that is more hop-forward, I like to find out how fresh it is. This is a habit that I should get into for all beer, but I find it is most important in hoppier brews as stale hops are very noticeable. I scanned the bottle meticulously to try and find the bottled date. To my surprise, the batch we had was bottled on 01/28/17: good job having fresh beer, Fox Cabaret!

This pale ale has a resinous, slightly spicy, piney, and citrus-forward aroma and flavour profile. It has a biscuity backbone that pairs nicely with the spice and grapefruit notes that Cascade hops offer. It has medium body and high carbonation. It comes in at 5.6% with 38 IBUS. It’s well rounded and classic. When I crave a pale ale, this is what I want.

Drink this beer, listen to this song, and you have my very pleasing Saturday night.


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