Flagship Friday: Yellow Dog Chase My Tail

Possibly the most difficult part about moving to Vancouver wasn’t making new friends or finding my way around a big, beautiful, new city; it was adjusting to the beer. Vancouver is widely regarded as the “Hop-Head” capital of Canada and coming from the east, this was a bit difficult to swallow. I’ve always preferred a standard Pale Ale over an IPA and it took me awhile to navigate the plethora of beer options to find something that suited my palate. Then, almost three years ago, came along a little doggy that changed everything for me.

Established in 2014, Yellow Dog Brewing is arguably responsible for the craft beer boom that Port Moody is currently experiencing. Dedicated to producing quality, craft beer, these pooch lovers have been providing the lower mainland with some of the most consistent beers that embrace the beauty of the hop. While they may get more press for their Play Dead IPA, or more recently, their fantastic fresh-hopped offerings in the Fall, their Chase My Tail Pale Ale has always been my go-to favourite.


Classified as an American Pale Ale, this beer is a bit hoppier than I had become accustomed to (no doubt the West Coast influence flexing its muscle). Despite this, Chase My Tail is still an incredibly smooth brew. Featuring a big, floral nose, this is a very clean and straightforward beer that is extremely sessionable. Balancing delicate citrus and resinous flavours, this beer is sure to even please the most avid Hop-Heads. If it isn’t already, it should definitely be in your regular rotation of easy-drinking, crushable, beer-fridge beers.

À Votre Santé!


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