Flagship Friday: Dageraad Blonde

For this week’s installment of Flagship Friday (apologies for missing last week), we’re focusing on a local favourite that’s been a go-to for the last 2.5 years: Dageraad Blonde.

This was an easy choice. Blonde was one of Dageraad’s first flagship beers, alongside Amber, and even when it first hit the market, I could tell it would soon be a staple of my diet. If you didn’t already know, Dageraad is the Belgian-styled, Burnaby domiciled, brain child of Ben Coli. They’ve been producing some truly excellent Belgian-style beers since 2014, such as Randonneur, Burnabarian, and Anno, all of which would make great articles on their own.

Dageraad Blonde

Dageraad Blonde is a bottle conditioned Belgian strong ale, weighing in at 7.5% ABV. It pours a slightly hazy, golden yellow, with a thick, illustrious white head. Notes of citrus and spice grace the aroma of light noble hops, along with some slight crackery pilsner malt. Citrus and mild peppery flavours are accompanied by just enough residual sweetness and welcome warmth. This medium bodied and carbonated blonde is a perfect main-stay in everyones fridge, and pairs excellently with a wide assortment of food, from salads, to seafood, to triple cream brie.

Luckily such a delicious and versatile beer is also very easy to get. It is readily available in their tasting room, as well as private liquor stores around Greater Vancouver. Go get it. You won’t be let down.

PS: Dageraad had a malfunction in their new bottle conditioning room, resulting in the loss of a lot of beer. They sure as heck could use your support. Make Dageraad a part of fridge, and show them some love!

– M

(Photo credits: Fivethousand Fingers… who also did all of their amazing branding!)

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