Beer of the Week: Brasserie Dunham’s Saison du Pinacle

Last year at Farmhouse Fest, DF and I had offerings by Brasserie Dunham high on our to try list. When we approached their tent, we were pleasantly surprised to see the amount of merch that they had brought. The graphic on the shirt we both liked belonged to their beer Saison du Pinacle. I thought it was kind of weird to rep a shirt of a beer that we hadn’t tried, so we walked away empty handed.

Fast forward to a few weeks back when Brewery Creek got a few Dunham beers in, including Saison du Pinacle. DF snagged us a bottle and then promptly ordered us shirts on Dunham’s website. Our shirts came last Friday, so we finally cracked the bottle open today just in time for beer of the week.


Brasserie Dunham, based in Dunham, Quebec, opened in 2011. Their beers are a modernized version of classic styles. That same contemporary approach is visible and appreciated in their branding.

Pinacle pours a slightly hazy golden yellow with ample cloudy head. As you drink, the beer leaves behind lots of Belgian lace. It smells of lemon, grapefruit, cracked pepper, and spice. It’s flavour is pepper and bread forward with hints of citrus  and spice. It has a dry finish with a bit of lingering spice.

Pinacle translates to  pinnacle in English, which I bashfully must admit, I had to ask DF to translate for me. We recommend putting on Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s Ain’t No Mountain High Enough while you’re enjoying this beer, in order to achieve peak deliciousness.


Our fab shirts.

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