Flagship Friday: Doan’s Rye IPA

One of the best things about craft beer is the abundance of diversity. Whether you like lighter, sessionable styles, or prefer bigger, bolder flavours, there’s bound to be a craft beer out there for you. Because of this diversity, craft breweries are constantly pushing the envelope to bring you the tastiest, most innovative beers that their brewers’ minds can dream up. Of course, a brewery does have to start somewhere and establish itself, before it can begin to experiment. Even the most unorthodox breweries out there have a line of tried and trues that helped them make a name for themselves in the suds scene: their flagships. That brings us to the point of today’s article and our new feature column: Flagship Fridays.

We know we know, the name isn’t the most original, but we’re a sucker for alliteration. The focus of this column should be fairly obvious: every week, we will be discussing a new flagship beer, as a compliment to our Beer of the Week posts.  As much as we love seeking out new beers and trying interesting concoctions, by the time Friday rolls around, we don’t want any guesswork when it comes to what we’re drinking to kick off the weekend. Consider this our ode to the beers that never go out of fashion.

For our first feature, we are looking at Doan’s Craft Brewing Company’s Rye IPA.

I’ll admit, I was torn. The Doan brothers, Mike and Evan, and partner Kevin Sharpe have crafted a wonderful lineup of beers and it’s tough to choose one over the other. Ultimately I deferred to their Rye India Pale Ale. In a province that is full of IPAs, it can be difficult to stand out. While other breweries have experimented with rye in their IPAs, Doan’s has consistently been offering this tasty beverage from their inception.

Picture Credit: Doan’s Craft Brewing Company, Art by: Ola Volo

Clocking in at 60 IBUs with a combination of German (Magnum) and North American (Ahtanum & Cascade) hops, on its own, this beer would satisfy most hopheads. It’s the addition of rye malt that takes this beer up a notch. Adding a spicy kick to the brew, the ample amounts of the malt also contributes a layer of complexity to the mouthfeel and enhances the natural features inherent to a Northwestern IPA.

Fridays call for takeout and this beer definitely has your back in that regard. Pair it with your favourite salty snacks, while watching the hockey game, while feeling confident that it will hold up to your order of wings when your favourite pizza arrives.

Doan’s Rye IPA is available in their tasting room in bottles or fills, as well as select neighbourhood liquor stores. Check their website to see where the closest provider is to you!

À Votre Santé!

[Featured Photo Credit: Beer Me BC]

[Picture credit: Sourced from Doan’s Craft Brewing Company; art by Ola Volo]


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