Beer of the Week: Mikkeller Kaffestout

Two thirds of the wet hop are university students, as such, coffee is a main staple in our diets. When we were discussing what this week’s beer of the week should be, we both wanted to enjoy something dark and warming, with ample coffee flavour. In steps Mikkeller.

Mikkeller is one of our favourite breweries and so it was a real treat when a little while back, Brewery Creek received a sizeable shipment of Mikkeller beers. This Danish brewery is one of the most tireless in terms of producing great, unique beers. From their Spontan series of sour/wild ales, to their richer offerings such as their porters and stouts, Mikkeller is constantly setting the bar high for other breweries, no matter what beer they are brewing. As mentioned, we were after something reminiscent of our favourite campus beverage, so this week, we are looking at Kaffestout.

As soon as we cracked the bottle, sweet, roasted espresso aroma filled the air. That aroma carried through into the flavour profile with big espresso shot flavour, slightly nutty, and tons of cocoa nibs. The head pour is rocky, with good retention, and is a deep toffee colour. Kaffestout has lactose in it, which adds a creaminess to the mouthfeel, without diluting the beer’s more prominent flavours. Kaffestout is reminiscent of bread pudding, with layers of sweetness, chocolate, bread, and burnt caramel, and evokes a feeling of comfort with every sip.

While this beer can be difficult to find at times, due to limited quantities, it is worth tracking down as an adequate replacement in lieu of your morning coffee. This beer should be enjoyed with a giant stack of fluffy pancakes and a side of your favourite bacon.


-DF & H

Photo credit: Kaffestout label, Mikkeller


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