Beer of the Week: Four Winds x Borg Blóðberg

We’ve arrived at the end of 2016, and despite how the year may have gone in other walks of life, it’s been a pretty amazing one for beer in BC. What better way to close it out than with a new release from one of our favourite breweries.

For this creation, Four Winds teamed up with Icelandic brewery Borg Brugghús, known for beers such as their Garún Icelandic Stout. Together they crafted a dark, Nordic saison inspired by the wild countryside of Iceland. It clocks in at 5.5%, and was brewed with arctic thyme and aged in an oak foudre with Keremeos plums and wild yeast cultures. This is the first dark saison Four Winds has released, and it can be a very tricky style of beer to get right.

Thankfully, they’ve done just fine here. It pours a deep, rusty amber with quite a lot of haze (can’t see you fingers through the glass at all), and has a small, light-beige head that dissipates relatively quickly. The nose is lightly herbal and earthy, with the plum showing up alongside the classic saison yeast esters.  The flavour follows the same patterns… a little herbal, a little spicy, a little fruity, a little estery. It’s also subtly tart, and has a brett kick that helps dry out the sweet fruit flavours. The carbonation is relatively light

In short, Blóðberg is a great beer that is wonderfully balanced. If you’re looking for something to end your year with on a good note, you should definitely pick up a bottle.

– M


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