Happy New Year: Celebrate with Beer

When the clock strikes midnight, most people pop a champagne bottle to cheers the New Year. For the past few years, my midnight toasts have included beer. Beer can be just as (or even more) special as champagne, especially if you pick the right ones. 

Here are my picks for memorable beers to clink at midnight:

Dageraad Anno:

Photo from Dageraad Website

A strong golden ale that is bottle conditioned and made with Belgian yeast. It has tons of juicy pear and spicy notes from coriander. The beer is actually designed to pair well with holiday dinners as it contains a mosaic of spiced aroma and flavour.

I’ve celebrated the past two years with Dageraad’s Anno Series (Anno 2014, Anno 2015, and will be enjoying Anno 2016 this year!) ABV: 8.5%

Food pairing: asparagus tart, honey glazed ham

Mikkeller Nelson Sauvignon Brut:

Photo from BeerPulse

This beer is actually classified as a biere de champagne, so it’s a fitting choice. It’s extremely dry with tons of effervescent white wine characteristics. The dryness combined with the brett funkiness adds another layer of complexity. It has substantial cloudy head retention and would look perfect in any toasting glass. ABV: 9%

 Food pairing: boursin cheese, lemon shortbread

Almanac Dogpatch Grand Cru:

Photo from Almanac website

This will be a harder to find bottle as I’m pretty certain it sold out as quickly as it showed up. It’s a Flanders red-ale featuring the “Big Five” California red grape varietals (Zinfandel, Syrah, Tannat, Petite Sirah, and Tempranillo) giving it a complex flavour that blurs the line between sour beer and wine. The beer pours a pinkish red and has notes of berry and oak. ABV: 10%

Food pairing: dark chocolate truffles, baked brie

Here’s hoping you have a happy, hoppy, and safe New Years!


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