Beau’s All-Natural Brewing Company: Now Available in BC

Back in November, CRAFT Beer Market hosted a launch party in celebration of Beau’s All Natural Brewing finally making its way to British Columbia. Beau’s is very near and dear to my heart; I was born in Ottawa and they were the very first craft brewery that I became aware of. Their Lug-Tread Lagered Ale stood out to me amidst the sea of macrobrew options at my disposal and to this day, it is still a must drink when I go back home for a visit. This year, I was lucky enough to visit the brewery itself and sample Lug-Tread (and their many other delicious offerings) straight from the source. Needless to say, I was over the moon when it was announced that Beau’s was finally shipping beer across the country to BC.

I know many of you have already had the pleasure of sampling their beers and maybe even a few of you have gotten hooked on a particular one. For those who haven’t, this feature will look at the three styles currently available in BC, that offer a little variety to the market. For those of you who have, keep reading: there may be a beer cocktail idea or two a little further down.


Beau’s “Farm Table Series” features classic beer styles that should be a part of any craft beer drinker’s session lineup. Patersbier, literally “Father’s Beer,” is the beer of choice for monks to enjoy while they brew their more well-known abbey ales. While it has a lower ABV than its siblings—the tripel and dubbel—this brew is no less tasty. Floral, with light, sweet maltiness up-front, this clean and crisp beer finishes strong with notes of pepper that compliment the beer’s hoppiness. Pour yourself a glass before you start your next homebrew—it may just inspire your next great ale!

“Mead Me at the Abbey”
Mead inspired Patersbier cocktail that plays on the beer’s natural sweetness.

8 oz. Patersbier
1 oz. Bourbon
½ oz. Lemon juice
½ oz. Honey liqueur

Ingredients should be chilled before preparing. Mix bourbon, lemon, and honey liqueur together in a cocktail glass. Gently pour beer over top, gently stir. Serve with lemon wedge.


For those unfamiliar with this beer, I can hear you right now: “Tom Green has a beer? Weird. No thanks!” Don’t be so brazen with your dismissal though! As those who have enjoyed it before can attest to, this is a tasty milk stout. While not necessarily a style unique to most craft beer drinkers, what makes this beer stand out is that it is a year-round offering. Silky and smooth, with a bit more oomph than the average milk stout, you will still find the chocolate and coffee notes that this style is notorious for. The perfect beer to cuddle up on the couch with Racky with and try and forget the cold winter season, or cool off with in the summer when you’re looking for a more adult version of a milkshake.

“Straight from the Udder”
Bourbon-milk stout float, inspired a famous Tom Green stunt

8 oz. The Tom Green Beer!
1 oz. Bourbon
½ oz. Cherry liqueur
1 scoop Vanilla Ice Cream
Cocoa Powder
1 Cherry

Combine beer, bourbon, and liqueur in a shaker, stir. Place scoop of ice cream in bottom of a pint glass, pour cocktail mixture over top, dust lightly with cocoa powder, add cherry. Enjoy with a spoon and/or a straw!


I saved my personal favourite for last. Quick fact: this beer was made in collaboration with Canadian hip-hop artist k-os! While many breweries are experimenting with rye in India Pale Ales and Stouts, Golden Vox sticks out as it uses a pale lagered ale as a vehicle for the rye. A pale lagered ale? “Huh?” While this is a bit of an oversimplification, think of it as a marriage between an American Pale Ale and a Kölsch. This produces a delightfully malty beer that is tempered by citrus and pine hops. Add in the rye, age it in rye-whiskey soaked oak barrels and what you end up with is another layer of complexity as the rye’s signature pepper notes mingle with toasted oak and a little extra kick of heat. Best enjoyed on the deck with some tasty tunes, on a Sunday morning. Careful though! While this beer is extremely sessionable, at 6%, you may want to pace yourself.

“Rusty Fox”
A spin on the classic cocktail, the Rusty Nail.

8 oz. Golden Vox
2 oz. Drambuie
Grated Ginger

Ensure ingredients are chilled beforehand. In an Old Fashioned glass, grate ginger into bottom, then pour Drambuie and beer over top. Stir gently and serve.

À Votre Santé!

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