Beer of the Week: Superflux Happyness

The past few weeks the lower mainland has been absolutely spoiled with deliciously juicy IPAs. Twin Sails dropped a Pineapple Mango Milkshake IPA as well as Juice Plus, Strange Fellows tapped an East Coast IPA with Vic, Mosaic, and Citra, and Steel & Oak made four test batches of a NE IPA. I (Heather) actually spent a few days contemplating which beer to write about as my fridge is full to the brim and I couldn’t be happier. Which brings us to the beer of the week pick: Happyness by Superflux.

Superflux Brewing is the new name of the previously known (and loved) Machine Ales (RIP) that used to brew out of Callister and they are now brewing out of Dogwood Brewing. Matt and Adam have created a small empire of IPA in Vancouver, showing that you can get New England flavours in the Pacific Northwest.

But unlike Machine’s previous East-coast style counterparts, Happyness is an easy drinking American West-coast IPA. Where Colour & Shape was very hazy, Happyness falls closer in line with West-coast clarity (though it still has some natural haze). It’s not overly juicy, but has a dank, grassy, nose, with lots of prominent over-ripe passionfruit and grapefruit pith in both the aroma and flavour. There is no lingering bitterness, yet it has a pleasant bite at the finish, bringing the West-coast style more in-tune with the palates of modern IPA drinkers.

All in all, Happyness is a stellar beer. Having it as the counterpart to Colour & Shape is a winning IPA combination the likes of which you’d expect to find in places like Maine (stay tuned for a future Beer City Spotlight on Portland, ME) and Boston, and honestly, it’s hard to ask for anything more.

-H & M


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