Boombox Wednesdays: Midnight Train

Boombox Brewing hosts a weekly beer release on a day they call “Boombox Wednesday”. Regina George likes to wear pink on Wednesdays, I think I prefer drinking beer. Yesterday I went to sample their newest release: Midnight Train.

Yes you do!

Boombox brews out of Callister Brewing, which operates similar to a co-op. Various super-small-scale breweries are able to use Callister’s facilities (typically for a year). With that, they take turns working in the tasting room. This allows smaller breweries a chance to have access to equipment that is larger than homebrew, but not have to commit to 17 HL + of product. Also, since costs are split, these smaller breweries don’t have to take a leap into opening their own (very, very expensive) facility. It also encourages camaraderie. The breweries that are sharing this space often make collaborative beers. For example, Boombox and Callister created a raspberry pale ale called Raspberry Beret – it was juicy, kind of tart, and was a stunning red colour.


Callister is also a collective art space. It constantly has local art on display and available for sale. Currently there is a crow theme where this amazing giant crow made out of charred oak strips in the centre of the seating area.


Before Boombox, Callister hosted the ever fantastic Machine Ales (now known as Superflux) and we all appreciated their nuanced IPAS. Boombox has picked up where Machine left off, but are also doing some intense experimental stuff.

On the flight:

L to R: Midnight Train, Raspberry Beret, Coconut Showers, Booming System.

Booming System, an incredibly juicy New England IPA and the only beer that I had previously sampled. It’s approximately 7.6% ABV. It is hazy and has tons of succulent mango flavour and aroma. Even IPA naysayers will like this.

Coconut Showers, a Coconut Milkshake IPA — an IPA with both coconut AND lactose. It’s approximately 7.1% ABV. This beer is layered. First you get a prominent fatty coconut flavour, then some velvety milk chocolate (specifically malteser), finally you taste hops, and then it finishes with some cream and bitterness. It’s weird, creamy, yet satisfying.

Raspberry Beret, a Belgian pale ale with raspberry. It’s approximately 5% ABV. Although it had huge tart raspberry on the nose, the raspberry taste was more subtle. This beer had me wishing it was summer; I could drink a ton of it.

Midnight Train, a coconut milk stout. It’s approximately 7.6% ABV. The last coconut milk stout that I had was the one that Matt and I brewed. I wanted there to be prominent coconut flavour and it ended up being very subtle. However, with Midnight Train…it tastes like the beer I hoped to have made. It’s creamy, with hints of coffee and chocolate. Coconut shines through beginning to end and it has a lingering creaminess.

Basically, Boombox is fantastic and the guys behind Boombox are both friendly and humble. I can’t wait to see what else they come up with.

Something delicious.

Fun fact: did you know that our own contributor, Matt Kump, designed Boombox’s logo?


Callister has a small-ish tasting room, but is a great place to hang out with current friends or meet new ones. (The amount of art they have will definitely inspire you to start a conversation with your surrounding neighbours!)

A photo from the last time I was at Callister (also enjoying Boombox) a few weeks ago with my pals Jamie and Yvonne!

Jamie got a growler fill of Midnight Train and had to ensure it made it safely home.

Boombox X car seat


[Featured Image from Boombox Brewing’s Instagram]

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