Beer of The Week: Dageraad Brune

Oh geez do I love Belgian beer.

Whether it’s a nice, refreshing, peppery saison; a spicy and robust, malty quad; or a tart, jammy lambic; the Belgians are sure to have you covered for whatever flavour profile you’re looking for in a beer. And considering my unabashed love for brilliant Flemish suds, it should come as no surprise that this feeling extends to the wonderful folks at Dageraad Brewing.

For those unfamiliar, Dageraad is a Burnaby based brewery, specializing–obviously–in the brewing Belgian beer. Check out their website to get a deeper idea of what Ben and his fantastic team are trying to accomplish in their little corner of town!

Recently, Dageraad announced a new brew, that will eventually take its place beside stalwarts Burnabarian, Blonde, and Amber, as a flagship beer. The beer, concisely named Brune, is a Belgian, abbey-style Dubbel, brewed with mission figs. Coming in at a robust 7.5%, Brune is brewed with a Trappist yeast and is the brewery’s ode to Belgian abbey Dubbels.

I had the pleasure of picking up a bottle at work and tasting it, as well as discussing its characteristics with my co-workers. So, how does it taste?

Simply? Decadent.

What this beer lacks on the nose, it makes up for in spades with its taste. Brune has a generous mouthfeel with tons of fig and date upfront. The sweetness, characteristic of Dubbels, is present, but it is tempered nicely by notes of leather and black pepper to finish. This is definitely a beer you’ll want to take the time to enjoy slowly and have a good chew on. It would pair nicely with gamier meats, a good strong cheese, or serve well as an excellent nightcap. For those feeling adventurous, give this beer cocktail a whirl:

Dubbel Rum On the Rocks:
8 oz. Dageraad Brune
1 oz. dark of spiced rum
½ oz. coffee liqueur

Mix liquid ingredients in tumbler, stir gently to combine. Pour slowly over ice and serve.

À Votre Santé!

[Photo Credit: Dageraad Facebook Page]

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