Event: Strange Times For Modern Fellows

In June of this year, Andrew and Tim from Modern Times, located in San Diego CA, came to BC to participate in: Farm House Fest, the launch of Modern Times beer being available in BC, and to brew a collaboration beer with Strange Fellows.

Fast forward to last night, November 17th. Strange Fellows hosted a launch party of their collaboration with Modern Times: Strange Times For Modern Fellows.

A taster of Looking Backward and a glass Strange Times For Modern Fellows

I had the pleasure of being able to try it a few days before. Several liquor stores received the beer before the official launch, and since Brewery Creek was one of those places, Duncan jumped on getting us a bottle.

At the bottle release, with every glass of Strange Times For Modern Fellows purchased, you received a 4oz taster of Modern Time’s Looking Backward. Looking Backward (limited release) is a white wine barrel-aged sour blonde. It had nice pucker power with lots of oaky characteristics. It has a distinct vinegar note, a trait that I personally love.


Strange Fellows also had a Modern Times beer on tap from their Fruitlands series. This particular flavour was blood orange and hibiscus — it reminded me of the (unsweetened) passion fruit lemonade that you can get at Starbucks mixed with McDonald’s orange drink — very summer-y and had me feeling nostalgic for warmer months.

Fruitlands Blood Orange & Hibiscus

But the pièce de résistance was Strange Times For Modern Fellows; a juicy saison with loads of stone fruit, overripe guava, and pineapple flavour and aroma. This beer is both bright, dry, and very sessionable. This would make a nice entry level beer to some of the more complex sour beers available, especially to drinkers that may shy away from brews with more funk and tart flavours.

I think these bottle release parties are exciting. It brings beer enthusiasts together to ooh and ahh over each sip and to connect over something they share in common: the love of beer. These beer festivities create the space for people to celebrate the amazing beer community. For a moment we forget about the stresses of daily life and get to clink glasses with new and old friends over something special.

Meet Beau! He was enjoying all the snuggles.

I love that more breweries are doing collaborations. It’s amazing when local breweries get together, but I find it even more exciting when breweries that aren’t that accessible to us, come and give us a little taste of what they offer. Collaborations encourage brewers to get experimental, especially when two (or more) different breweries combine their expertise. This also allows the consumer to taste their product and consider visiting their establishment in future. More collaborations, please.


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