Beer of the Week – Twin Sail’s Con Leche

When I hear the word “horchata” I think of a few things: Vampire Weekend, the free stuff that La Taqueria sometimes gives you if you utter a secret word, and feelings of warmth and comfort. I can now add Twin Sail’s Con Leche to my horchata-related-list.

Con Leche is a horchata coffee milk stout coming in at 7.5%. It contains coffee from Bows & Arrows Coffee (which is one of my favourite roasters, that I often enjoy when I get a cup to go at Old Crow Coffee).

This beer has big cold brew flavour, with more subtle hints of vanilla and a touch of cinnamon. It has a very silky mouthfeel that is pleasant. It is currently available on tap at the Twin Sails tasting room in Port Moody, as well as in 4 packs of 473mL cans.

DF, and some of the other staff at Brewery Creek, thought that Con Leche would make a great base beer for a delicious float. DF also thought of creating a White Russian out of it. So, tonight after dinner at Colony (and taking advantage of their Tuesday $3 domestic tap special) DF picked up some Absolut vodka to add to the Con Leche that we have at home.

1 glass of your choice
¾ to 1 shot of vodka of your choice
Fill to top with Con Leche

The Con Leche White Russian obviously isn’t as creamy as the classic, but it does boost up the ABV and offers a nice alcohol warmth. We aren’t a dairy household and I didn’t think adding cashew milk would offer anything extra. I dare you to add a splash of heavy cream. This beer cocktail makes a great night cap and would be especially good in December, because as you know…winter’s cold is too much to handle.


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